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  • POEM: Murder by Suicide by Amy Stuart (6/16/2008 10:39:00 PM)

    My partner is fighting very valiantly and strong to live. She used to want to die too. Now, she is the heavy weight fighter for her own life. Now she wants to live. It is not something that is easy.

  • POEM: Take My Life by Rohan Nambiar (6/16/2008 10:31:00 PM)

    This is absolutely your best work. You really show a promise of talent here that I could ony glimpse before. This is excellent writing. Pour your lonely thoughts onto the page and they will free you from their actions. Write and your lonely thoughts of death upon the page and they will take flight and leave you with smiles, pride and a strengthed talent. Write every day and you will be a writer. There is nothing better. Excellent, may God bless you.10+

  • POEM: Noon by Rohan Nambiar (6/16/2008 10:24:00 PM)

    Nice, I thought this very good but was left a little wantting at the end. Some very nice imagies and good choice of words too. I think this could be longer with othervignettes of noon. Nice work.

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  • Sandra Osborne (10/15/2005 6:22:00 AM) Post reply

    And you have one to visit the good? Ol USA Too! !

  • Sandra Osborne (4/10/2005 1:31:00 AM) Post reply

    What do you have against me? ? ? What did I ever do to you? ?

  • Sandra Osborne (4/4/2005 9:10:00 PM) Post reply

    Rhyme Challenge:

    A Challenge in Rhyme

    A murdered poet? Is it true?
    What the hell should we do?

    Should we bid ourselves adieu?
    Should we cheer, should we boo?
    Should we shout into the blue?
    Should we gasp, should we coo?
    Should we drink the fallen dew?
    Make a coat of a newborn ewe?
    Mourn the loved and fallen few?
    Stop and hold us all with glue?
    Laugh at those of even hue?
    And were God’s first people really Jews?
    Cause I Never heard of one named Lou.
    Yes, cows are always saying moo,
    That of course, is nothing new.
    There’s nothing here for saying “oooo”
    Or sitting pious in a pew,
    Or standing in a pious queue,
    Or in Paris at the Rue.
    Yes, American’s will always sue.
    Yes I will, it's me too.
    So here’s a “Dear John” line for you.
    And all without a darkened view,
    There’s nothing left to win or woo.
    Nothing left but me and you.
    Sure seems like a lonely zoo.

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