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  • Alice Vedral Rivera (10/31/2014 1:21:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    a little Halloween fun...

    Halloween Stroll

    Crackle, crackle
    Dusty shadows
    Crunch and cackle
    Follow hollow
    Pounding footsteps

    Cracks of thunder
    Broken branches
    Over, under
    Snap and scream
    Spooky Doppler

    The Big Bopper
    Sings Chantilly lace
    And a pretty face
    But I digress
    As trees undress

    On this unholy
    Wooded path
    To who knows where
    I stroll and stare
    At the murky water

    The misted river
    Seems to swerve
    Around the curve
    Of my pretty neck
    As I do swear

    This wretched dream
    Will be my last trek
    Unnerved through this
    Forest preserve
    On Halloween

    © Alice Vedral Rivera – 10/30/2014 12: 11pm

  • Alice Vedral Rivera (9/27/2014 3:50:00 PM) Post reply

    I like the cheeky tone of this poem and the figuratively symbolic use of salt. It doesn't have the typical JC 'vulgarity'. I do not agree with his stance in the intro to the poem, but he is entitled to his opinion and we all know that he likes to stir up a reaction. I do not expect JC to like my poems and he should not expect me to enjoy his (which is why I pointed out that I enjoyed this one) .

    Adam, if your faith is deep and true, other people's opinions should roll off your back and if writing poetry about your faith is what you enjoy - go for it.

  • Alice Vedral Rivera (9/27/2014 8:38:00 AM) Post reply

    I posted another PH forum inspired social/political commentary poem written in 2006 and uploaded the audio file that goes with it, but so far the audio is not showing up.

    FYI, I am grateful for the Poemhunter website. When PH started in 2003,3 of my poems were selected to be on the site. In 2005, a friend of mine from the Czech Republic let me know that my poems were on PH and I signed up as a member and started posting more of my poems. It was the PH forum that taught me not to take criticism so personally and helped me overcome my fear of sharing my poetic ‘babies’. The poets I have met and continue to meet on this site have left indelible marks on my writing by their example, encouragement, critiques, comments and forum discourses. I have to credit the PH forum for inspiring me to write a good many of my social/political commentary poems. Due to the exposure to different perspectives, I am more confident in my writing as it continues to evolve.

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