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  • Lamont Palmer (10/14/2014 5:28:00 PM) Post reply | Read 2 replies

    AWWWW. I guess I'll have to give my Pushcart nominations back and 'unpublish' all my poetry. You've ruined my career. Haha. You're a bigmouthed moron who only reminded me of how much better I am than 'people' like you. Your stupidity only showed your insecurity and my superiority, as crows only pick at the choicest meat. My grandma used to say that, and by golly, she was right. And I know it hurt you to your heart to know that Mandolyn liked my poetry. Once you learned that, you oddly stopped singing her praises. So when you achieve what I have achieved (which is a modest success, but sweet) , then you'll be a somebody. Right now, you're only scum on a website. All talk, no poetry. Keep churning out those bland, clichéd stories, partner. You haven't won, I'm just too good to keep bickering with a nobody like you. Angie's post sort of woke me up. And also Ovid's pondering aloud on why JC, too, would be here fussing with amateurs. Its a waste of time. With me taking a breather, do you think Carter is going to stick around here much longer?'ve made this cesspool, 'Acker'. Enjoy it. Period. Sorry to be so blunt. -LP

  • Lamont Palmer (10/14/2014 3:34:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    I am neither a simpleton or an idiot or a blowhard. I’ve reacted just the same as anyone else, if they were under mindless sniping day in and day out. The balanced, mature thing to do is ignore the troublemakers, but my own fighting spirit won’t let me do that. I admire Danny who can take barely disguised insults and shrug them off with a smile and a quip; I can’t do that, and neither can most others here.

    You know, this time last year, a number of the old regs decided to come back and have some fun in the forum for old time’s sake. Tributes to Herbert and Michael abounded and everyone seemed happy to be back. That didn’t last long. As soon as the poetry began to be posted, the bickering began; a little snappish at first, then the rolling out of the big guns. It’s sad that we can’t get together, discuss poetry, without all the viciousness, the namecalling, the personal attacks. It says such terrible things about who we are. I still contend that at a dinner party, none of this ugliness would happen. For almost a year, I’ve being attacked anonymously because someone ‘perceives’ me as ‘lacking humility’. Well that’s nothing less than a highly personal, and wildly subjective assessment. It doesn’t belong on the forum. JC and I aren’t crazy about each other’s poetry, but we don’t try to smash the other into the ground every time we encounter each other. We maintain a certain professional courtesy…even though JC descends into puerile namecalling, which rankles me, but we bicker a bit, then its over. We go on to have pleasant exchanges at other times. When things began to happen for me on the poetry front back in 2010, I felt that I had gotten all I could out of PH and I left the forum for a couple years and had even stopped posting poems. Once you're published, posting loses its thrill. I was coaxed back here last year, but I think I’m going to take a powder again for awhile. The childish, ugly behavior most certainly is tiring; the constant fighting and bickering is a huge drag. Basically its like arguing with a mental patient. And, in reality, it has nothing to do with poetry. So I’m gone too for awhile; back to full focus on Po-Biz, and clinging to my mailbox, awaiting acceptance letters, the poet's food. The asinine aliases, and people who obviously don’t have a decent life can have the forum. It’s pretty much been a hopeless hole of a place for at least 4 years now. I know how to reach the people who I have connections with and they know how to reach me. -LP

  • Lamont Palmer (10/14/2014 2:10:00 PM) Post reply

    You want me to shut up?This whole year long vendetta has been fueled by your childish namecalling, pointless stunts, and trolling. This time last year you laid out a long diatribe on why you didn't like me - things about me personally and about my poetry. We battled a bit. That should've ended it right there. You expressed your opinion. But the repeated postings of my work, the ignorant swipes, the dishonest deletion of the favorable comments on my work, was all unnecessary. Don't act exasperated, as if this was all my fault. I've visited this site for a long time, and I have strong opinions, but I've never hounded or harassed anyone, even my most ardent adversaries. Why not?Because in the end, everyone does their own individual thing. Let the marketplace have the final word on who's ideas and work are best. The repeated posting of 'Prell', just to throw darts at it was personal. If you had done that at a party where I was in attendance, you know I would've put my foot swiftly up your ass. Maybe if we have the same respect online as we'd have face to face, this forum would be a better place to hang out in. -LP

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