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  • POEM: Toxicology by Theodora (Theo) Onken (8/15/2016 4:16:00 PM)

    Susan, certain cactus of the southwest can be very noxious. Peyote(mescaline) can do horrible things to a human beings body(nervous system) too much - will kill. Yes, there are many flowers that are also poisonous... i am reminded of the Texas Cheerleader mom - she is a tried and true psychopath...also, i am reminded of a shooting here at a school years ago, by a student who was using drugs, into Satanism, and told his friends he just wanted to find out what it was like to kill someone. He came from a very religious background, knew my son, had been to our house on numerous occasions. On each occasion my son would end up with money missing. The day of the shooting-he smoked a joint in his car, went to class at the end of this class, he got up calmly singing here comes Peter Cotton Tail...and aimed for the teachers head. He hit it but it just grazed the teachers ear. The teacher lived. The young man who was 16 was tried as an adult and sent to prison in Huntsville. He was sentenced to 10 years but every year there was a petition - as to his release after the 10 years and 2/3rds of the people here signed - do not release him. So he ended up spending 13 years at Huntsville. He was eventually released and still lives here. He was diagnosed as having: anti-social personality disorder-in other words - they called him a psychopath. Most everyone who knew him in school have nothing to do with him even to this day, even though he seems to have turned his life around. With this personality disorder there is no cure so one never really knows. All of the infamous serial killers of the years...from Ted Bundy, Gary Ridgeway, BTK- -etc were Psychopaths. BTK was a sadistic psychopath because he bound, tortured and then killed...he loved the blood...all of which is extremely sick...these are the people who need to be locked up with the key thrown away or given the death penalty like Ted Bundy who was from Tacoma. Gary Ridgeway is serving life and was from Auburn Washington. It is said that psychopaths are born (evil) not made...i am not sure i totally agree with that...they have looked at the brains of those who have died and it is said that their brains are indeed different from the normal brain. Didn't mean to scare's just poetry...on a topic that i have very strong feelings about. You have no idea the kind of schemes this sociopaths come up with to end the lives of those they want gone. It is a very scary world...seems we have more than our fair share of these truly evil beings. Used to be thought that they were just men but are finding out that there are just as many females suffering from this like Eileen Wuernos, and Casey Anthony who killed her beautiful little daughter and got away with it. Thanks for reading and commenting! Oh, and if i decided to leave this planet for safety, Mars would not be my destination as it is known as the Warring Planet. i would choose, Venus.

  • POEM: Leaning On My Fender by Edmund V. Strolis (8/15/2016 3:19:00 AM)

    Utterly delightful....think maybe many of us, if able, need to get out in nature like you have - and commune with is so good for the soul. Thank you for sharing this most beautiful gem!

  • POEM: We Orbit Each Other by Edmund V. Strolis (8/15/2016 12:32:00 AM)

    Heart touching...and so on point. We have all had our good and not so good, perhaps some way more than others but if we didn't have one another- -shoulders for comfort - what a hopeless situation it would be. Another core touching write.

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