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About Me : Hey! So this is MeMyselfAndI (MMI) So, I am very much an amateur writer and by no means the best on PH, I don’t pretend to be, or want to be!! I just write because I ... more »

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  • POET: Floy Dy (Floyd) Ra (Floydson) (4/2/2014 5:01:00 PM)

    A funny poem written about me, Me Myself And I? ? I’m of course flattered that someone would take the time to pen such a worthy tribute to myself however, I’m afraid I have to point out the obvious to you, and that is the fact you don’t know me from ‘Adam’ we have never corresponded in anyway what so ever, alas I’m already very suspicious of your write and if you just what to take a cheap shot like the other 99% of the moaners and groaners on this site, then you are way to late my German friend, but congrats on your poem I’m sure its very good.

  • POEM: A Soldier's Prayer by Adam M. Snow (11/19/2013 7:41:00 PM)

    I cant believe no-one has not commented on this, I have just submitted you to friends and will read more of your work shortly, As a former soldier this speaks to me more than the words themselves,

    A nice write Adam.

    I look forward to reading more of your work.


  • POEM: I am who I am by Adam M. Snow (11/19/2013 6:07:00 PM)

    I love the ‘defiance’ in this… Keep writing: -)

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  • Me Myself And I... (11/21/2013 7:05:00 PM) Post reply

    I read all of your post Mike, and thanks for sharing, you seem to be a regular ‘contributor’ here in the forums however I have read none of your work just yet, but you’re now ‘on my list’ and will get around to you reading what you have written. Some interesting comments about JC that I must comment on, as your everyday 'non educated, and I feel like writing now and again poet' like myself…does not take well to the full force of this man breathing down there necks! ! Some of the comments I have read from him have been very insulting and (I have not but thought about reporting him to the sites regulators) As I don’t see why in this day and age someone can insult me in a way, In my own living room! ! ! I’m almost talking internet troll here and I am sure if I asked around, that others will agree that they have had dealings with this man. I for one like I’ve said like to write now and again but have left school with next to nothing! ! So why someone should feel the need to speak into my life in such a way and pull me up on my punctuation, spelling, grammar and re-write my sentences for me??I left school along time ago (I’m 39) and don’t take being talked down to by anybody! However saying that, I do listen to constructive criticism if it’s said in the right way, as I am always looking forward to improving my way of writing and self expression when I get the time.

    Do what I do, not what I say??Well I have read Mr Jc’s poems and I must say that I don’t rate them for a person who comes across giving it the ‘I know it all and this is how to write it’ kind of speech. I must be careful now as not to slate Mr JC as I think we all agree this man is educated but it’s all down to perception. If you where to write about a cat sat on a mat, it is what it is and that’s that, for if you don’t like what you read, then just move on as why slate someone for it?Why slate someone who is writing something that they want to write about and by the best hand that they can??I have a niece who writes on here and she is aged 11. If she was to receive some of the comments that I have received from JC (as we are all just a username on here) she would probably be so scared to post again from writing and that is not fair! ! This is not what we want at all as this is a community web-site as we are all invited to read/write and be encouraged to share, be it a bad or a good read??Let’s face it, a person’s poem could be deemed as awfully mundane and boring, but yet another’s could be almost life changing??So if it’s not to our liking, do we not just move on to something that we can make a connection with??

    I do hear where you’re coming from Mike I really do but when someone pours there heart out into something and it might not mean to much to us, but then criticised to abruptly or to harshly could mean the difference to them writing again, or not.

    One thing I think to walk away from here with is the fact that we are ‘of course’ all different and react to different influences some of us are educated but a vast majority of us are not and look to this site as a means of self expression and should be allowed to continue to do so and not in a school classroom manner i.e. being told off by the headmaster. Mr JC.

    If I had the education that I believe Mr JC has, and then he should surly be able to ascertain that not everyone writes at his level, not everyone can post writes to his level of degree and thus adjust his critique accordingly??

    What happened to ‘take things at its face value’ If it’s not your cup of tea then move on…

  • Me Myself And I... (11/21/2013 6:53:00 PM) Post reply

    Mike. (Sorry to interject) To me you sound very much like your 'telling tales' to your teacher. Your better than this, so why do it??You are not only slating Mr Lamont for his writes but then continuing to poke fun at Adam Snow. I am at a loss as to why you are pursing such a course, and wasting your energy in doing so??Do you not know that it is unwise to proclaim war on two fronts??Mmi regards

  • Me Myself And I... (11/19/2013 7:05:00 PM) Post reply

    Wow Adam,

    What can I say?Well I’ll say this I have not had your colourful upbringing but have met (and still do) obstacles very similar to yours. I for one thought that poets where all nice and kind people that I would feel safe with, I am so wrong. I don’t believe I have ADHD but I have had major problems with speech when I was a child, I couldn’t walk properly either. So at a very young age I was seeing a speech therapist and someone who would teach me how to walk properly. I also used to stutter really badly when I was at school especially when I was exited. My spelling is appaling and even though it might seem passible here, I rely heavily on word for my spell checking. Your almost like a mirror to me the further I get into your write, I also started to cut, I have not cut not for many years now but still I sometimes look at my arms and get the urge to this day. I too was bullied at high school and beat up weekly and no-one would do anything, even the teachers would look at me and not say anything even though they knew who the bullies where.

    I am so sorry to hear that your dad had cancer, that must have been real tough for you and saying that I know nothing of your pain but I can only guess what it must have been like for you. My father is still alive but he has lost his partner he smokes 50 a day and to me is on a destined path that he has chosen. I love him dearly but he will not listen to me.

    For I don’t know much about Ritalin but I was on a few different drugs in my time as I had a few relapses where I felt so low I too wanted to take my life and I so really wanted to die. It was one of the darkest periods of my life.

    But hey lets change the direction, fast forward a decade today I’m head chef at a local hotel in Falmouth England but I’m still suffering I now have sleep apnea that I struggle with daily, but I didn’t write to you to comment on this. My main point was that I too have suffered with the slating and bad mouthing from others on this site and I believe something more should be done about it! ! We should be given a harassment/bully button or something on here because not all poets are nice people but I guess you get that in all walks of life.

    Take me for example, I have a screen name that people seem to like to click on (Me myself and i) now I am happy that people have wanted to read my work but others it seems take great insult (and make it known) that I am not the best poet on the planet! ! ! For I am sorry, did I post my name as (the best poet on the planet) ??No ha ha I did not. As I come from a very simple background I left school with nothing but yet I still get messages from many people one person I will care to mention, a certain Frank James Ryan Jr (and he is not the only one) but these people they like to inflict there verbal abuse upon people like us who (I’m sure they believe) that WE should not be allowed to express ourselves and to tell our story on the World Wide Web! ! Because we don’t punctuate or write about what they want to hear, or just that our spelling is so wrong, maybe we should sit in the corner of class and be ridiculed by the rest of the onlookers and made a joke out of.

    Hey Adam, poetry made such a huge impact in my life as well. Once I found it, it was like someone had just opened the flood gates, I think my first write was nearly 3 pages long as I had so much stuff inside me wanting to get out! !

    But hey, I’m ranting… I’d like to speak to you more if your ok with that as you appear to be a stand up guy that has fallen upon some hard times. If you reply to this mail I’ll send you my private email and we can chat from there.

    Keep your chin up son, Lee Stedman 39 Falmouth, Cornwall, England.

    And yes, lets just have fun on PH please folks! ! !

    Long live the 'Prayer Warriors'

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