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  • Identification Accepted (4/11/2009 2:04:00 PM) Post reply

    A poem I wrote yesterday,

    Angels All Around
    Touched by a revealing light
    I look into the setting sun’s rays
    Serenity overwhelms me once more
    So many words I want to say
    But our conversation goes nowhere
    I don’t feel like explaining it anymore
    Looking for my angel
    Where did she go?
    Seems she left
    Only for a while
    I keep my mind at ease
    Knowing he still smiles
    Down on my frame
    Up in that city of gold
    Pain erased from his features forever
    Suddenly, my problems vanish
    The wind blows
    A warm breeze caresses my face
    Angels linger around me
    Faith is so hard to keep
    I sometimes don’t believe
    How can I when this is where I’m at?
    Then she comes and touches my hand
    Though all I feel is resent
    I let it go and sit back
    We think our loved one’s are gone
    But you refuse to look towards the sun
    The moon’s glow is surely there smiles
    The stars are there souls
    Everywhere we look they linger
    I know it cuts like a knife
    I’ve been in that place
    All I could do was stare
    Into a space where no one could reach me
    That’s where I learned again
    That’s where it clicked
    The angels around us sing
    When the grass sways
    And porches swing
    When you feel that light of content
    You’re angeled loved one is there
    Smiling and laughing
    Showing that they care

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