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  • POEM: The Arc Of A Dead Friendship by Francis Crowley, PhD (8/18/2016 2:44:00 PM)

    perhaps you needed children to crow you to sleep to dream
    of ancient desert suguaros not yet dessicated to soften your
    stringy sinews of infancy your stony heart your wooden frame
    single black crows searching the parking lot seeking a renewal
    but my salad words of dementia prevent my walking over slowly
    saying soft nothings wishing for forgiveness a hug surrendering
    to your narrative arc of a dying friendship based in childhood
    from the golden bowl of empathy re-glued - we're screwed............... enjoyed reading your poem....voted 10

  • POEM: Where Lies The Land To Which The Ship Would Go? by Arthur Hugh Clough (8/18/2016 1:55:00 PM)

    ''Rules baffle instincts- instinct rules,
    Wise men are bad- and good are fools,
    Facts evil- wishes vain appear,
    We cannot go, why are we here? ''

    God gave Adam and Eve a choice because He wanted to be truly loved by them. God made the garden be only good and natural. He told Adam and Eve that what is bad is not allowed. He wanted this human pair to listen to Him. This is why God chose the knowledge tree of good and evil to be planted there in the garden of goodness. Adam and Eve touched the tree of knowledge because they wanted to know the evilness. So, God sent them on this earth to give them the opportunity to know it completely.
    God loved Adam and Eve and wanted to avoid this sad experience. Satan had been a rebel while fighting against God and while using the human beings for his purpose. Satan sent a virus to the mind of Eve while making her think wrongly about the faithfulness of God and while making the evilness look good and tempting. When Adam and Eve understood that they lost perfection, it was too late.
    There is only one method - to understand the evilness and to detach from the sin through suffering. ''We cannot go, why are we here? '' -wonderful poem.

  • POEM: (limerick) Once More Into The Fray #39 by WES Vogler (8/18/2016 1:11:00 PM)

    With never a hitch' is the saying
    And a half-hitch is just as dismaying
    Should'na took it on,
    So I'm off to the john...
    And there my confusion allaying...... enjoyed reading your poem.....voted 10

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