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Mary Angela Douglas
Mary Angela Douglas Winston-Salem / United States, Female, 65
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B.A. Literature in English

About Me : What is myself? How can I introduce myself? The older I get the less I understand that question except to say that ultimately neither I nor any other human being can be ... more »

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  • POEM: Goodbye And Yet, Not by Mary Angela Douglas (7/24/2016 2:22:00 PM)

    Thank you for appreciating my little poem. I liked that line too a lot. Just thinking about a country like that made me feel better even if its imaginary. I think thats the beautiful power of poetry but so many poets now have forgotten about the value of imagination in poetry and the precious value of imaginative literature because to such a large degree the schools devalue it now. Still it will resurge because imagination is something given to us by God I think so. Blessings to you too.

  • POEM: ~ Brush Strokes by Adeline Foster (7/23/2016 7:50:00 PM)

    beautifully expressed vocation of a poet, of a particular poets and of the seen and unseen kind army of poets throughout all generations. It is such a wondrous relief to read this and know that a contemporary poet has written this. This way of looking at and loving and writing poetry seems almost forgotten in the general landscape of poetry now. Thank You!

  • POEM: ^ We The Unencumbered by Adeline Foster (7/23/2016 6:01:00 PM)

    there are slogans all over the place about restoring dignity to the underserved etc. In your poem you show so clearly that dignity was never lost; just the perception of it. This poem has real nobility and feeling and eloquence and power.
    As a lower income person myself quite often subject to scorn and labeling where it just doesn't apply, I felt deeply comforted by this poem and I am certain that others will too.

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