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  • POEM: Will People Forget The Spring? From The Terrace And The Corridor Of The Housing Block See I by Bijay Kant Dubey (8/28/2015 12:04:00 AM)

    I don`t know what this poem is trying to accomplish. Is is wholly about the spring or part this part that? I feel that the central idea is somewhat lost here.

    Go through each line and see what you want to bring to represent the main idea or ideas and try to write from them. You will see that the result will be a much better poem.

    A poem can handle more than one more main idea, but this must be done with mastery never in a loose manner lest the poem seems to be jumping from here to there with no fixed orientation.


    Luis Estable

  • POEM: Inspirational Quatrains.6. On Being Humane by Valsa George (8/27/2015 11:53:00 PM)

    This poem plays with the idea that love is powerful and being so can make for a better world, and in this the poem is write. The problem here with this theme is that much has been written on this subject or idea and to pen something new or that stands out is difficult.

    This try does not say anything new and some of the lines are just repeat, but the love and care with what you say this deserve some mark and bit of praise.

    To take on things such as love, God, the soul, death and so with these big topics is always a big risk because more often than none one comes out sounding the same, just a repeat, saying very much what many have said before, but I applaud your effort here.

    keep doing it!

    Luis Estable

  • POEM: Seeker Of Love by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan (8/27/2015 11:41:00 PM)

    The rhyme scheme is not bat though some of the rhymes are a little weak, and I mean by this that they can be better, but the whole idea is captured here.

    I like the emotion shown throughout the poem and some choices of words work well to tell what you want to convey.

    A good poem but one that can go through some improvement.

    Take care and keep on writing!

    Luis Estable

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