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Luis Estable Oriente / Cuba, Male, 57
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  • POEM: Dear Father, by Damilare Tella (11/27/2015 9:56:00 AM)

    There is too much of the same stuff that one finds of lower poets when they try to write religious verse in this try.

    Writing about religion, God, the soul, death, the meaning of life is a risk the poet takes for much has been said on these that when a poet writes of them he can only say what has been said before, unless that poet is a great poet or a very good one who takes care to write with some innovation. He will never be entirely knew at this point in the world for there is nothing knew under the sun or so the saying goes.

    Do not hurry to write about subjects that are now too big for you as a poet. I feel that you are not ready to take that jump yet.

    Try writing about the spring, flowers, a friend, a good moment...Look around you and find something to write about that does not require a big intellect. After you have acquire mastery on small things, move slowly towards big things, but read first to see the different approaches taken on those subjects.

    Well, this is enough for now. Keep on improving and good look! Be persistent in your dreams to become a good poet. I think you are not there yet, but you show potential.


    Luis Estable

  • POEM: Merry Band… 2711-2k15 by saadat tahir (11/27/2015 9:36:00 AM)

    The language is not difficult but it may give some readers some problems when trying to see how to read it. I thought that there were some passages that could have been better; others might not think so.

    The poem has a little of fault when it comes to stay coming to the center of the whole matter. It is my humble opinion that you lost focus in some places and so departed a bit for the central theme you want to convey or the reader sees you try to convey. Other than that a good piece of work.

  • POEM: At Break Point by hasmukh amathalal (11/27/2015 9:29:00 AM)

    This is well-done! Nothing difficult here; the language is clear and it means what the words mean, not double-talk in this only the interpretation that is one for the poem to work well.

    I like the simple and the sweet of the diction. Keep on writing!

    Luis Estable

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