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  • POEM: Having The Option by RoseAnn V. Shawiak (7/31/2015 11:32:00 PM)

    Some go on searching, grow old in the constant search and waiting.
    Praying for a sign, hoping for a little guidance, yet knowing will never come.

    Even more are not satisfied with just single one but must have as many a possible to reach that impossible sum.
    But become a master of none, just another of a jack of all trades son.

    Cheers to the both excellent and inspiring poem.

  • POEM: About You Selling Out by Is It Poetry (7/31/2015 6:17:00 PM)

    The reality is almost stranger then fiction, and while I've never seen it first hand I still live in this country and do not doubt merits for if a video shows even a single murder by the given authorities then you know they are plenty more that are not getting seen. While it seems to be racially motivated in a lot of cases not all fall in that category with a due of given respect. Corruption and cover up holds no cloth of any specific color. To much power has be given and we the people should have the right to revoke that authority at time. If we had that purchasing power things would change very abruptly. But instead nothing is done, and not enough people are held accountable. It is time clean house, not just one either but all them. How many unjustified deaths will it take before that happens? That I just don't know.

  • POEM: Living Life's Mystery by RoseAnn V. Shawiak (7/30/2015 6:43:00 PM)

    Excellent awe inspiring poem about a life full of mystery.

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