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Gordon Tseng Keelung / Taiwan, Male, 53
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About Me : Gordon Tseng - A creative Being enjoying making films and writing poems, songs, and books. For the music and song works from his ... more »

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  • Gordon Tseng (11/10/2011 3:33:00 AM) Post reply

    阿 爸 的 油 桐 花

    對 面 山 坡 頂
    今 年 油 桐 花 開 了
    綠 色 海 洋
    飄 起 白 色 的 雪 花
    阿 爸 的 頭 頂
    嘛 有 油 桐 花 開 了
    黑 色 暗 暝
    嘛 惦 惦 開 出 白 雪 花

    阿 爸 帶 著 阮
    來 到 山 坡 邊
    風 微 微 雪 花 滴
    阿 爸 講 青 春
    親 像 油 桐 花
    五 月 時 滿 山 飛

    對 面 山 坡 頂
    今 年 油 桐 花 謝 了
    綠 色 海 洋
    不 再 浮 著 白 雪 花
    我 親 愛 的 阿 爸
    你 頭 頂 那 些 油 桐 花
    那 些 油 桐 花
    哪 會 攏 沒 欲 謝

    Dad’s Tung Blossoms

    Up the hill, the Tung blossoms of this year are awake,
    Above the green ocean, flying their white snowflakes.
    Up dad’s head hill, some of them just cannot wait
    To quietly spread their snowflakes in the black night that’s not really late.

    Dad takes us up to the hill’s peaceful lake
    To feel those gentle flakes the breezes gently make.
    And, he says that just like the Tung blossoms in May,
    The bloom of youth brightens the whole life hill, on those adventure days.

    Up the hill, the Tung blossoms of this year have gone away.
    No more white flakes flying above the green ocean or lake.
    But, those on my dear dad’s head hill are still awake.
    Oh, why are they keeping awake in that black night that’s not really late?


    the symphony for this poem:

    By the way, can you read the Chinese part above?

  • Gordon Tseng (11/10/2011 3:06:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Plato’s Potatoes
    - rewritten from two works in A Book of Super Cool Tongue Twisters by Gordon Tseng

    Plato’s potatoes are like Seattle’s tomatoes.
    But, Seattle’s potatoes are unlike Plato’s tomatoes.
    When Plato with some potatoes goes to Seattle for some tomatoes,
    Plato is philosophically surprised by Seattle’s potato-like tomatoes.

    An alligator climbs into a helicopter.
    Later, the helicopter goes into an elevator.
    Now, the alligator is in the helicopter that’s in the elevator.
    So, the alligator is surely in the elevator.

    When Plato back from Seattle goes into the elevator,
    Plato is scared by the alligator in the helicopter.
    But, when the alligator sees Plato scared like his red tomatoes,
    It’s more interested in the potato-like tomatoes than that tomato-like Plato.

    -a poem for kids from GOD BLESS NOT ONLY AMERICA

  • Gordon Tseng (11/10/2011 2:42:00 AM) Post reply

    God Bless Not Only America(chapter 5) , I Am a Being(chapter 6) , and People Have a Little Earth(chapter 7) are three chapters in the poetry book GOD BLESS NOT ONLY AMERICA, which have poetry works good for students' discussions about the U.S. and the world.

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