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  • POET: Abdul Wahab (5/1/2016 9:55:00 AM)


    Everyone wants to see the beautiful leaves
    And seek to take flowers to their nostril
    But here I am lying alone in the dark and deep
    Though they know without me there will be no fruit;

    They are found to talk about the events
    They are found, too, to feel the effects
    But no one is ready to pull the lid or the carpet
    But I am here under the cover in the dark and deep
    Though they know without me they will not taste the fruit;

    Fever is not a disease but the manifestation
    That something inside in you has gone wrong
    Behind everything right or wrong I am the cause
    Find me out first before you go to be happy or sad
    I am here the root that causes to bear a tree flowers or fruit.

  • POET: Abdul Wahab (4/30/2016 1:04:00 PM)

    Quality versus Quantity
    In knee water I am waiting covertly like a crane
    To flash up the carp but nothing comes up
    Valuable time is lost, no quality has been seen
    Like a swarm of bees the flints of thoughts appear
    I catch them indiscriminately like crabs in my writing
    On the dry and sandy shore of my rippled mind
    I thought one day on the paper this herd of wild bison
    Would turn to a pack of lions, but I see these to turn
    Into a battalion of a brainless sheep to eat grass
    A quantity of piled up raw meat, but no quality
    So it is quality versus quantity, at a time never comes both
    In a match when one is on the field, the other goes to hide.

  • POET: Abdul Wahab (4/29/2016 8:45:00 AM)


    I do not like the atheists and the pagans
    Nor the slutty politicians or butterfly political analysts
    With the religious people whom I now hate to talk with
    I could give you all the reasons one by one
    But I do not care the whole world
    I do not see films or listen to songs as such
    If the concerned people do not care me, too
    And do not read my poems
    I would not be a sad man
    As I have alreday left them in the lurch
    It does not mean I am alone
    And face the wolves of loneliness
    Here I am with my darling
    On the bank of my life playing with my mind in solitude.

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