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Bri Edwards
Bri Edwards Eureka / United States, 68
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retired usps clerk
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quit college

About Me : added Sept. 23, 2015: I AM A JOKESTER, BUT IM OFTEN SERIOUS AS WELL. if you have doubts about whether my writing is serious OR not, please ask. Even some ... more »

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  • POEM: Human (Haiku) by Kelly Kurt (10/27/2016 10:27:00 PM)

    PH 'says' (below) Read all 5 comments, but when i search for number five, i come up empty!

    ok, now to read.

    i think i might want to be proven NON-human! some have already suggested that to me: no heart, no soul, no brain. i MUST NOT BE HUMAN! yay! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    bri :)

    nice poem btw.

  • POEM: What Would I Say? by Lynn W. Petty (10/27/2016 10:21:00 PM)

    One must exclude all things that constitute
    The negative; all fears, all anxious thoughts,
    Which interfere and block the soul-mind's act
    Of creativity. They will destroy
    The vision of one's fitness and good health. ...........the first lines would be a TALL ORDER for most. perhaps

    Maintain the strength to concentrate through food, ..........this sounded 'funny' until i 'inserted' a comma after
    .............................................................concentrate. ;) :)

    The force of one's conviction, will THIS line i would toss out the comma! ;) :)

    Lyn, i'm doubting much thought was 'put into me' before I BECAME an embryo!

    nicely put together answer for your doctor. sounds pretty convincing. i wonder if he/she now tells patients what you have suggested to combat cancer.

    bri :)

    care to share in a showcase? to MyPoemList at least.

  • POEM: Leaving Dreadful by Crystal Pierce (10/27/2016 2:17:00 PM)


    ah, it's do blissful............i'll bet you blissful.

    leaving for good at that's a fact. .................and that's a fact..perhaps and :)

    i like that you capitalized the second 'dreadful' in the last stanza.

    except for typos(?) , i really enjoyed this. and, to tell the truth, i kind of like finding typos. it is nice to think (at least) that i can still find mine and in other's.

    to MyPoemList.

    and if you say it is ok, i will also put it into my/our November showcase for PH poets (on my site here) , in Section A. let me know if i should change those two 'typos' or leave them as they now are. OK!

    let me know if that would be ok with you. it will have your PH name on it as the author and join poems from around the world in my monthly display of poems by some of my PH friends.

    bri :)

    thanks for the update on your life and the sharing of your fine poem.

    bri :)

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