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T Wignesan Créteil/Paris / France, Male, 83
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ex-Research Fellow, C.N.R.S., Paris
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Docteur d'Etat ès lettres, Sorbonne-Panthéon Univ

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  • POEM: Anyone For Humiliation by T Wignesan (4/30/2016 5:50:00 AM)

    Top of the morning to you, Tom! Of course, I'm delighted the piece stirs you well enough to put voice to barren words on a page (and here I must lament): unfortunately PoemHunter deranges the structure (check, if you will, PoetrySoup) . Many warm thanks. No, I'm not of the fairer sex genre - far from it. Not that I would not have liked to stake a claim as far as looks go… Thanks very much again for taking time out to comment. Every good wish. Wignesan (I have so much to do all day, I always wonder how others find the time to devote to my work.)

  • POEM: The Test By Nicanor Parra, Translated By T. Wignesan by T Wignesan (3/28/2016 10:20:00 AM)

    Morning, Daniel! If I'm not mistaken, we did have something to say to each other a while ago, but then I excused myself for not engaging the discussion at the length you so kindly offered to maintain. I think I did say I was run over by a speeding car on a zebra-crossing a year ago, so it's all the more encouraging that you are back - and here we are….It's difficult even to write personal lyric poetry and not bear witness to some inner or interpersonal state which is in some way a reaction or a consequence of the social and political, for, as you well know, no one's an island all to himself. Parra is a difficult enough poet to appreciate, but then Grossman has done a groundbreaking job there with her book (I read only one essential chapter, from what I can make out) on the Antipoet. Unlike other forms of artistic expression, poetry is - you'll admit - a hold-all for anything that passes through the mind, and a debunking voice like Parra's injects new fresh blood into the meandering streams that now seem to gather in a whirlpool with more and more translations from far-flung continents - a necessary diagnosis as you vey well point out. Still, no one can fault any poet for wanting to stick to his own guns. It's the privilege of the outsider, an etiquette that all makers of poems can arrogate for themselves. Every good wish. Hope you are enjoying the long weekend. Wignesan

  • POEM: The Sensation Of Nothingness, Translation Of Carlos Bousono's Poem: Sensacion De La Nada by T Wignesan (3/27/2016 12:05:00 PM)

    Hello Scharlie! Greetings from Paris. I quite forgot; yes, the translations of 25 Bousono's poems may be found in my collection published on November 20,2015, available on Blind Man's Lantern, Poems that lash out, mock and rip not the dark. Do, please, let me know if you have news of obituaries re the Maître, if you don't mind. Thanks in advance. Wignesan

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