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  • POEM: Goodbye, Fakebook! by Tan Pratonix (12/7/2016 10:32:00 AM)

    I'm afraid I'm a bit behind the times, as I do not participate in any Facebook activities. I have been invited a few times, but never succumbed. I could never figure out the purpose of Facebook. And after reading your scathing remarks in this most entertaining poem, I doubt I shall ever enter the world of Facebook. But keep in mind, maybe the only friends some people have exist in this cyber social club. Maybe that boring old Grandma you speak of has no one else to tell of her dead parrot or bloated fish (so hilarious) . Some lonely people walk around talking to the air, eventually being labeled as crazy. Now, they can remain hidden safely within their four walls and continue communicating with no one they can see. Facebook, Fakebook, call it what you like. I guess it serves a purpose. But you did a wonderful job convincing me I don't want to join. I truly enjoyed reading this.

  • POEM: The Orchestra by Edward Kofi Louis (12/6/2016 3:46:00 PM)

    This is a good analogy. Let everyone dance to the music they hear. Don't knock at the wrong doors, don't ruffle feathers. Don't impose your beliefs on those who have found comfort in their own way of thinking. Let everyone live their lives as they see fit, as long as no harm is done to anyone else. With so many people living on this Earth, we have to expect many different ideologies and philosophies. Let them be, encourage them. This is our minds doing what they were created to do - think, explore, invent. We don't even need to understand each other - just respect, love and tolerate each other. Peace would certainly be the result. How simply this could be accomplished. Well, Edward, your poem certainly has my mind working overtime! Good job!

  • POEM: We Are Human Beings 2 by Edward Kofi Louis (12/6/2016 3:12:00 PM)

    A heartfelt plea with mankind to try and get along with each other and promote peace and love. We must understand that we all have the right to be here on this Earth. None of us chose to be here, yet we exist. This means a higher force has commanded our existence. Dare we question this decision? When you're in the same boat, you row in unison to move along smoothly and with harmony. If the boat leaks, we all take turns bailing out the water. This ensures the survival of all. We all have so much work to do to make this world a comfortable home for us all, ensuring sufficient food, comfortable shelter, and a peaceful existence. If only your wonderful poem could be branded on the minds of everyone, we would be reminded daily of our obligations to all of mankind. Well spoken, Edward.

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