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A. Madhavan Mysuru, Karnataka / India, Male, 82
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Retired diplomat
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  • POEM: For The Longest Time by Danny Draper (11/22/2015 7:58:00 PM)

    When reading a new poem, I try to get the writer's tone of voice, the content that I can paraphrase,
    the rhythm, cadences, structure, the imaginative novelty, the images that seem apt, and finally,
    my own wish to read it again. Some contributions are, to me, beyond these norms, if the
    metaphors are jumbled up and abstractions are personified. Sorry, I cannot make out an each day
    shirt, springtide of native tongue, pollen grains dust'n' fury in the opening verse.
    I recall some writer saying it is more difficult to write good prose than obscure poetry.

  • POEM: You Know When You Write Poetry You Find by Joanne Kyger (11/21/2015 7:20:00 PM)

    This writer's short verse on writing poems was written nearly 30 years ago, I see. Hope for me yet.
    I do not see any 'architecture of lineage' in my teachers, friends, and other people, other things. Nor
    can I accept 'glue for the heart'. Maybe, we should be generous to critics, but patient enough to
    wait for fame. My father quoted someone's quip: Fame is a thing that dead men eat.

  • POEM: Fatality by Ruben Dario (11/19/2015 9:20:00 PM)

    The poet is turning to fatalism, an age old theme, quotably expressed in Thomas Gray's
    'Elegy in a country churchyard'. I wish we amateurs try to write something different,
    personal, even describing a minor incident in our daily life, mostly suburban perhaps.
    My rating for this poem is 6.
    A. Madhavan

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