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Bijay Kant Dubey
Bijay Kant Dubey Chandrakona Town / India, Male, 51
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College Principal
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B.A., M.A. in Eng, Pol.Sc. & Hist., Ph.D.

About Me : My Resume Bijay Kant Dubey (11.10.1965- ) Bijay Kant Dubey who was born in erstwhile undivided Bihar at Lohardih village by the banks... more »

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  • POEM: Philosophy by Nissim Ezekiel (7/25/2016 11:30:00 AM)

    Philosophy as a poem is one of light and darkness envisaged through the eyes of a modern exponent of poesy and it is none but Nissim Ezekiel leading through his random reflection and straying. What it is dark, let it be, what it is white, let it also go. the myths of light and darkness, how to understand these as these are elemental to the creation of this universe and in addition to it, none has come to understand them.
    What it cannot be explained, explain you not. Let the things take their recourse. The mills of God are never slow. Retributive justice has its course to follow. the residues of meaning have it all lighted the path and shown to us what life is, what the world and what the philosophy of life! The baser things will return back to therefrom these are. The things will go creating, the shapes changing.

  • POET: Bijay Kant Dubey (3/28/2016 1:02:00 PM)

    Contemporary Indian English poetry is perhaps a misnomer as because there is nothing as Indian English which exists as a feeder dialect of British English spoken and practised and even it is, it exits as a colonial hang-over and a link language; a library-consulting one. There is nothing as Indian English; a variety of English. There were no poets and poetesses originally as all used to write in imitation and a few which came they, those were perhaps under the influences of the Christian contact. The post-fifties too were not so fruitful in the sense as the versifiers, poetasters, rhymers and taggers started to contribute in and many turned famous as for their first poems and first collections of poems.
    Today many are calling themselves English poets and poetesses and that too after editing literary journals which but pains us and it is in utter violation of morality and ethics. The smaller editors ask to review their slender books and pressurize for including in Ph.D. theses.

  • POET: Bijay Kant Dubey (3/25/2016 11:06:00 AM)

    Have you gone through my latest collection of poems sent to you, Bits of Philosophical Thoughts? I know you could have managed to spare time for it. You are a very good reader and without being a good reader, one cannot be a good writer. I know it that you go through each and every line. hiding yourself, You have done injustice to Indian English poetry. you so much about the history of language, literature and criticism. I have learnt so much from you and your writings which but I acknowledge it. Your knowledge of English literature is stupendous. How do you able to grasp so many things? How do you know? I am at present translating the lyrics of Tagore. Actually, i am not translating, but transferring the idea, thought and content from one language to another and while transferring from one to another, one needs to transfer the emotion, mood, idea and feeling. I am again appalled to see the article on Shiv K.Kumar and accept your observations on him with regard to dealing with sex and its imagery; a poet of the body, not the soul. How do you gather and collect so much of information? You are biographically so strong that you can tell about personal lives and their families. The article is very informative and rarely done with so scholarship. Your three-liners on Indian English poets throw light on the history of the genre and some of the practising poets and their features. Nothing is hidden from you, one that is unknown. You are a very learned man and I am proud to have with me.
    Pronab Kumar Majumder,25.3.16

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