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  • Amitava Sur (12/22/2014 6:45:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    It is a good advice to write poetry in free form to express the feeling exactlyas what I feel. But one thing pricks me here, that if I really do write a poetry without any rhyme or rhythm in it then it will be an article or a message only! ! Will it be called a poetry at all??I have every doubt.

  • Amitava Sur (12/22/2014 6:32:00 AM) Post reply

    Hello - respected poets
    I'd draw your kind attention, saying I have posted a poem " An appeal " in PH. Kindly read it and give your valued comments and at the same time I would say -
    please raise your voice or your objection against any issue which is a concern to humanity today. Our world is deteriorating very fast, now a days.Hence, raise your objection towards the same in any form and give your comments with any advice in my poem so that I may also organise to raise my voice in my capacity.
    Thank you respected poets hoping your attention in this regard.
    Keep well and enjoy the festive time.

    Amitava Sur

  • Amitava Sur (9/5/2014 10:16:00 AM) Post reply

    An angel in the night.

    In the misty moon -lit night an angel did alight
    Peeped me through the window-
    With my beloved holding tight.
    She was smiling at me with a gleam in her face
    Having a glowing ring all around her head.

    I jumped up with a maddening joy -
    And told her to come near me.
    But with a majestic smile in her face
    She was nodding her head, didn't move.
    I asked her - 'then why my dear..... again to make me cry '!

    She told me 'Oh' dear I also do cry and ought to be with thine
    But the body what I left, can never get back again.
    The angel brought me tonight to see you and say hello-
    I was always yours and still I am thine'.

    With a pool of tears in my eyes I waved my hands out,
    The angel with a lovely smile started to fly -
    Clasping you under her wings, saying good bye.

    I sprang up in my bed, rubbing my tearing eyes
    Still in a hallucination thinking where was I?
    In the morning's soothing light - I looked up in the sky
    I shouted with a cry 'Hey-I will come very soon -you wait for mine'

    A white cloud was passing by -
    Slowly away from my sight………
    Amitava (20.01.2014) on my birth day today.


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