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Brian Johnston
Brian Johnston Bay Area / United States, Male, 73
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Farmer, Video Game/Programer, Physicist
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Physics, Music (Piano & Voice) , English
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  • POEM: Ph: Love: How I Would Love You by Brian Johnston (10/5/2016 5:09:00 PM)

    'Hint I'm ever in your orbit' is meant to suggest that the 'loved one' is always on my mind. And 'gravitas that has no choice' is meant to play off of the word 'orbit' as a moon or comet perhaps orbits a larger body.

  • POEM: I Am Your Baby Mum by Dr. Antony Theodore (7/24/2016 2:19:00 PM)

    The whole issue of abortion is a difficult one Tony and while loss of life is always sad from a human perspective, it does not seem to be so from God's perspective. Your poem postulates God's existence so we are on the same page there, but to me it lacks balance. The most egregious error you make I think is in your assumption that everything that happens in the world is in God's will. There is evil in the world that exists both separate from God and at times evil that humans attribute to God (from our fallen perspective) . We see now through a glass darkly!

    Does God really bless and desire the rape and/or impregnation of any woman/girl against her will? I think not. Does a baby really want anything when it is in the womb? This is not really something you are qualified to judge and the Bible has nothing to say about premature life at all. To say that a pregnant mother who wants a baby should be protected is one thing, but to say that a fertilized egg has desires or can even feel pain is a ridiculous thing for a layman to assert. No one knows when a soul is given to a fetus and again the bible says nothing. For you to assert that you know what a baby's dreams are or even when they start, maybe your personal faith but it has no Biblical basis.

    But on a cruel day
    you decided to kill me.

    Again I affirm your right to your personal faith, but believe there is no Biblical basis for it. If the fetus is not alive, could not survive outside of the womb on its own, then this is a strong argument for the idea that it is not alive yet. Not proof that I am right, but there is no proof that I am wrong either. Something that is not alive cannot be killed. So the whole dancing devil scene is a fanciful statement of your faith as well, not of fact.

    You do not know if the baby cried, you do not know if angels or heaven itself cried, you do not know if the baby was even alive. But the real mystery that you do not even consider is how you know that God cried helplessly. Can God be helpless? I think not (my faith) ! Nor do you explain why God himself should not be considered a mass murderer when my own baby is dies prematurely. Possibly thousands of unborn babies die every day with God being OK with it apparently. Is there ever any creature in heaven that smiles or are all inhabitants there always in tears? Just thought I'd ask. Your poem is much more a political polemic than a statement of Biblical knowledge I suspect.

  • POEM: Ph: Gestapokuku: Hitler Youth Haikus by Brian Johnston (6/19/2016 1:49:00 AM)

    You didn't know that Hitler's father was born in Kenya? Ha!

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