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  • POEM: Gaza by Per. Nig. (1/17/2009 6:03:00 AM)

    Man heart has become a bleeding river
    Through broken hopes that can't deliver

    Our times are now only salty tears
    Plunged promises that no one adheres

  • POEM: Love Comes And Goes - Sonnet by Peter S. Quinn (1/9/2009 11:28:00 AM)

    The damn first-class cook is coming here soon
    With spoonfuls of sugar and his sweetly pie
    And giving away of his delicious swoon
    So wait here a minute! - And so shall I

    His pot stew is quite lovely to consume
    Of essentials that last the briefly hour
    Like food and cakes that soon shall to womb
    And gastric- fragrance like it were of flower

    So much to have there to love and to eat
    But no freshly treat from minions from hell
    Though we shall instead be with horns in our seat
    And splendidly laugh about - if all goes well

    So here have a cake and a dinner with me
    And we could enjoy flavors with our good tea

    ; -)

  • POEM: My Candle Light by Jodilee Duke (7/7/2008 4:26:00 PM)

    Your Candle Light

    It drifted to the pen
    the flickering light,
    from yellow to red.

    So much though comes through
    of each flame’s play,
    in fancy true gist
    like golden winking locks.

    Everything of its way!

    So much where it's from
    it’s never to stay,
    only twinkling in its spun.

    Like fires of yesterdays,
    that life sometimes craves
    in its many times plays

    The stories that were told,
    with so much about;
    under glimmering fires gold,
    and its sparkling glow

    I remember mumblety-peg
    and fires in darkish bland,
    As a boy with a scout's tie
    And friendship so very dear,
    When days were young at night.

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