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Denis Martindale UK / United Kingdom, Male, 65
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  • POEM: Loneliness by Rini Jerry (5/26/2017 10:12:00 AM)

    Life in itself proves not enough,
    The lonely heart still pines for love
    And till that day or night appears,
    Find beauty in the passing years,
    Such that each precious heart within
    Holds on to hope and not to sin,
    With all its earnest plans or dreams,
    Rejecting wilful, foolish schemes,
    Then in the midst, to see a face,
    Perhaps a poet borne of grace,
    Who shares the gift of words divine,
    Enough to be your Valentine...
    Then, with all courage, risking all,
    Pray God grants you a miracle,
    For that, of course, is what love is,
    Beyond the kiss of perfect bliss...
    Denis Martindale 26th of May 2017.

  • POEM: The Improbability Of Being You by Robert Murray Smith (3/10/2017 6:42:00 AM)


    Formed by the grace of God above,
    Resigned to human care,
    Born of the union of their love,
    In answer to their prayer...
    Transformed from sacred cells so small,
    Dividing here and there,
    In answer to God's miracle,
    My precious life to share...

    And after my Mum's sacrifice,
    Her portion and her pain,
    She stared at me, God's great surprise,
    His legacy to gain...
    And from then on, once clothed and fed,
    I went to School to train,
    So information filled my head,
    Kept stored within my brain...

    Then came the teenage years of change,
    Exams I had to take,
    Some of the facts so hard, so strange,
    They caused my brain to ache...
    I persevered through such as these,
    With so much yet at stake,
    For I had parents I should please,
    A future still to make...

    And when work came, I did my part,
    I laboured like the rest,
    Sometimes it even broke my heart,
    Though sometimes I impressed...
    Then poems came, transformed my mind,
    Thus by such thoughts twice blessed
    Was motivated and resigned
    To share my treasure chest...

    The chance that I, of all Mankind,
    Should ever be so bold,
    Still stirs my heart, yet blows my mind,
    As words like scrolls unfold...
    Yet English language proves to be
    As precious as pure gold,
    That's why I tell through poetry
    The greatest story ever told!

    Denis Martindale March 2017.

  • POEM: Permanent Climate Of Divine Kindness by Dr. Antony Theodore (1/11/2016 6:22:00 AM)

    Cosmic Creator

    Praise the Lord for creating light and the formation of the heavens!
    For He, from the vast expanses selected this special space, for Earth:
    The Mother Planet... for upon this world was fashioned greatness,
    With a myriad of majestic miracles, born in a divine sequence,
    Like a configured musical composition, indeed, God's masterpiece!
    Behold, a sun and a moon! Yet our sun and our moon!
    Designed even before the waters of the world were divided!
    Then were the seas stretched out and the mountaintops set...
    Once in their appointed places, the stage was therefore complete.
    Then came the players in life's rich and passionate pageant.
    Behold, the creatures that were granted their times and their seasons:
    Out of the earth they peered, each asking, 'Who is our Master? '
    Out of the seas they peaked, out of the skies they stared,
    For there was no sovereign but the Invisible God,
    Yet Man, a little lower than the angels, was destined to rule!
    From Eden's soil where no sin soiled or stirred came primeval dust.
    God breathed upon that chosen handful of delicate dust to form
    Adam's handsome singular soul then Eve's beauteous second soul!
    Following the Fall, the Children of God's love brought forth new life,
    By uniting half and half, within the woman's wondrous womb,
    The pre-destined place for mortal procreation...
    Consider the exquisite wisdom of the ages: the challenge of children,
    The legacy of the Lord, but, chiefly, above all temporal forms,
    The blessing of love, for it is the foundation of all things fruitful!
    Indeed, if you have ever loved, or been loved, turn to God, this day,
    And, with the sincerity of a satisfied soul, say, 'Thank You! '
    God, the Cosmic Creator, envisioned and blessed and magnified love,
    This miracle of miracles, this splendour of splendours, this holy joy!
    There can be nothing more precious! For what is life without love?
    As it is written, 'Wherever God is, love is... for God is love...'

    copyright, Denis Martindale.

    Find out more about God by watching the GOD TV and
    Revelation TV channels. Check Google for details.

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