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  • POEM: Elizabeth Wallace by joshua treece (3/22/2005 7:24:00 PM)

    Way too cliched. Your imagery is overly predictable and too common. Your form is good, and so is your flow, but the message gets lost in fairy tales. Instead of comparing this woman to the oft used cliches, try and conjure different and vibrantly colored imagery, i.e. Her eyes, such a deep velvety blue, englufing me in a comforting ocean of electric fire.

    Good luck

  • POEM: Shattered Glass by Joseph Tanner (3/22/2005 7:17:00 PM)

    You have good emotion in your poetry, and it feels like you are being honest with it. The only thing I would work on is the flow between words. Just think about how the words are leaking into eachother. Think about your words like a water fall, pouring out your heart in the form of flowing water, engulfing the rocks below and becoming a complete and dynamic whole.

  • POEM: See You In Hell. by Stella Thompson (3/22/2005 5:07:00 PM)

    The rhyme in this poem feels very forced. Relax your form, you have the emotion that is necessary for poetry, but the harder you try to define your emotion into an exact statement, the easier it is to lose your focus on what you feel is inside. Don't limit yourself by form for right now, just work on the imagery and substance.

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