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2/3/2009 3:06:00 PM

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  • POEM: Crossing The Water by Sylvia Plath (4/29/2005 11:06:00 AM)

    I've found that sylvia plath makes many references to rooks in her works, and tried to figure out the signifigance. For those who were curious as well, here it is -

    Crow/Rook: Crows and rooks symbolize resourcefulness, survival, death, a call to the magick and the mystery around us, the law, the supernatural, the mysteries of creation, shape-shifting, change, harmony, justice, integrity, bad omens, boldness, skill, cunning, prophecy, eloquence and divination. They are tricksters connected to Morrigan, Varuna, Rhea Kronia, Apollo, Macha and Babd.

  • POEM: Conversation Among The Ruins by Sylvia Plath (3/14/2005 10:53:00 AM)

    I've been reading a few of sylvia plath's poems today, and they seem reminiscnent of Edgar Alan Poe. Certainly suited for dreary, rainy weather......

  • POEM: The Rival by Sylvia Plath (11/22/2004 2:38:00 PM)

    This poem struck me from the moment I read it. In fact, I liked it so much that I bought 'The Collected Works'. However, I convinced my mother to read it, and her question to me was 'Who could she have hated so much? '.
    Often I find myself reciting it to myself, and smile because I don't understand why.

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