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  • POEM: Rice by ZhaoNian (Michael) Chen (12/16/2004 4:56:00 PM)

    Wow, This is the most original poem i have ever read. This poem contains so much in so little words. I have never seen a poem succeed like this one. The rhyming lines help to hold the poem together. The syllable pattern of 6-5-7-6 shows originality and boldness in the poem and the poet. The phrase 'eat rice' gives an insight to the background and lifestyle of the author. This poem makes one think. There are also many inferences one can make with the few words that hild much meaning.

    A lesson taught by this poem is that after one is defeated, being 'hit', he/she should not rematch immediately because one will be defeated the same way. The line 'eat rice' stats that instead, one should recover and rebuild strngth, figure out a way to win, prepare, and only then come back. This is the way to live. I absolutely LOVE this poem. Wow! !

    Is Mr. Chen single?

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