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  • POEM: Blind Man's Dream by John Kay (2/7/2010 3:07:00 PM)

    i don't think there's anything in this poem that's out of place or jarring, the measure the words - the breath of the poem - is very natural, and i like the images.

  • POEM: Blind Man's Dream by John Kay (8/25/2009 2:29:00 PM)

    i liked what you did on line 7 and 8, and even more so that on lines 9 and 10 you clealry acknowledge that you are aware of what you did, waking the reader up in the poem as it were in the previous two lines. beyond that i have happy memories of the greek islands and i can relate to this in a simple way. a very confident and clean poem, without it being formal

  • POEM: Blind Man's Dream by John Kay (8/22/2009 1:08:00 PM)

    this i think is one of the best poems you have written in the last year. your voice sounds a bit different. i wouldn't change any of the lines in it. the title i like, it is a bit unusual particularly after having read the poem. i think this poem is a big achievement, there are things i can't get to in it

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