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Sue Molenda Winston-Salem / United States, Female, 59
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  • POEM: Letters I'Ll Never Stamp, Letters I'Ll Never Send by Ray Mesa (5/8/2006 3:26:00 PM)

    Wow, Ray.

    You've got some anger, there.

    I can't help thinking a girl who loses her virginity at twelve years of age is the victim of rape or child molestation, and therefore not worthy of your contempt...

    But... is probably promiscuous because being robbed of one's innocence, that way, makes a girl feel like the trashy whore you think she is. When, in fact, she is a broken doll, who has never been adequately loved- and your rage proves it.

    Oh. I misspoke. She is adequately loved- by God. But no human has yet adequately conveyed or convinced her of that. How sad for her.

    And you- you, too, are adequately loved- by God. I hope you become convinced of that, so that you can one day adequately love another.

  • POEM: A Life Not Worth Living? by Amanda Lukas (5/8/2006 3:15:00 PM)

    Oh! I hope you will not let that friend slip away. Well, that isn't fair to say. Mine did, and I blamed myself and God and everyone else for a few years. But the truth is, the one who decides to end his own life bears sole responsibility for the action.

    Nevertheless... it is going to take more than a poem to stop the desperate plunge. Send out a bigger life preserver. Call a hotline- alert a relative- get your friend some help.

    Unless, of course, your hopeless friend is purely hypothetical...

  • POEM: Flashbacks by Sian Kyle (4/21/2006 8:34:00 AM)

    That's a powerful, very emotional piece.

    I personally could not do what the young lady in your poem did.

    But... You tell the story with great empathy.

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