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  • POEM: Have You Ever? by cathy clough (10/8/2007 6:37:00 PM)

    The rhyme is pretty on. There are a few words that I would get rid of because of flow issues in a couple of places, but all in all it is really good It reminds me of some of the earlier stuff I used to write. Keep up the good work

  • POEM: After Bukowski by june benedict (8/23/2006 1:20:00 PM)

    I really like this one, it's simple, rhythimic and gruff. All the things that I loved about Bukowski's work. A fine job indead. Charlie would have been proud.

  • POEM: After Bukowski by june benedict (12/22/2005 1:08:00 AM)

    Man! Caravaggio was one of the most twisted painters from back in the day and one of my favorites to be honest, although I am partial to to Bosch's work as well. This is a great poem. I look forward to reading some more of your work.

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