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Francis Santaquilani Chattanooga, TN / United States, Male, 59
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  • POEM: Global Warming by Ramona Thompson (7/11/2007 4:34:00 PM)

    Don't believe something just because it's repeated over and over. The idea of man made global
    warming is not science. In order for something to become science it can't be a consensus of
    some scientists, they would all have to agree. One good volcanic eruption spews more stuff
    in the atmosphere than all of the cars have since cars were invented. Everything with the earth
    is cyclical. It warms and cools. The sun is responsible for global warming. Man is not the enemy of the planet. But if you get all of your information from the hollywood crowd, the regular news media and environmentalists you would think so. Just because Al Gore is loud and gets a lot of air time, doesn't make him right. My brother has a masters degree in chemistry and biology.
    He literally laughs at what is being said about man made global warming. Don't buy into the hsy-
    teria just because it's popular to do so.

  • POEM: Global Warming by Ramona Thompson (3/16/2007 2:54:00 PM)

    I'm honored. I've never been immortalized. You're much too kind.

  • POEM: Global Warming by Ramona Thompson (11/28/2005 4:13:00 PM)

    A lot of emotion in this, but you need a history lesson. Emotion alone doesn't make a poem. No one nation or religion is all good or all bad. But you better seriously consider the terror and violence that Islamic terroists, masquerading as fundamentalists, have been exporting around the world since 500 A.D. or so.
    It was western technology that got the oil out of the ground and it was America that gave up all rights to the oil fields. There are whole countries around the world that would not survive if not for the genoristy of the United States. The philospophy that you either convert or die is one that should've died in the middle ages. And also, the F-word is much overused.

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