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Lyrael Myrna Ballarat / Australia, Female, 28
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  • (5/19/2006 1:43:00 AM)

    We all know Lancelot loved Guinevere
    He was friends with the King and did not adhere
    To the barriers of love, to the barriers of trust
    However he lived on a bit more
    Guinevere lived on too
    She only ended up in a nunnery
    Not in heaven, openly slew

    Romeo and Juliet
    Had love enough
    To watch family die and run away and cry
    To allow misinformation from a Priest
    And die for each other
    When they could have lived on

    This is a great idea: D fun tooooooo!

  • (12/18/2005 8:16:00 PM)

    you have depicted the xact trooth. we r all taking sht cuts. i swer tht 1 day teens of da day will be all rather stupid. (or smot either 1)
    It dsnt tke long to wrte the xtra leta or 2. geez!
    keep up da good wrk. Peace out. Lyrael.

    TRANSLATION: You have depicted the exact truth. we are all taking short cuts. I swear that one day teens of the day (era) will all be rather stupid (or 'smot' either one) It doesn't take long to write the extra letter or two.
    keep up the good work. Peace out. Lyrael.

  • POEM: A Box For Good Will by C.J. Heck (12/9/2005 6:14:00 AM)

    i think this applies to everything ive read so far...
    you have a beautiful way of writing that obviously can get in touch with people and provoke them to think about what you are saying... which is a very difficult skill to grasp. congratulations on the amazing work... (thanks for your comment too) Lyrael.

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