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Tan Pratonix Triolet / Mauritius, Male, 60
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  • POEM: Organs by Katherine Pinero (12/3/2016 5:31:00 AM)

    Again, there is a lot of poetic talent in this composition. But I would expect the English to be more lucid, because there are parts I do not understand clearly. I know that you are young, but don't give your heart to anyone at that age. Because 18 is the age of infatuation; infatuation is something that is a 'passing shower', it comes and goes. And it comes very strongly in adolescence.

    Good song writer, hone your poetic skills. But beware of giving your heart to anyone. If you want to give your heart to one, give it to the Lord Jesus Christ. He will take care of it for you.

  • POEM: Photograph by Katherine Pinero (12/3/2016 5:20:00 AM)

    I am impressed with your poetic talent. There is no doubt that though you are not adept in the English language, the emotions you convey through those four stanzas are brought out wonderfully by the words you use and the tone in which they are said. There is certainly a depth of feeling and the poetic expressions (though expressed in unpolished English - English not being your native tongue, I presume) are apt and the loss of the one you love is clearly felt in this marvellous poem. I am sure it would have been even more wonderful in the Filipino language/Tagalog. I rate it a 10, considering the age at which you wrote this.

  • POEM: The Boy Who Loves Me So by Katherine Pinero (11/26/2016 1:42:00 AM)

    I think you are a song writer. This is very clear, but the English has to improve.
    I hope you won't be exploited by these 'boys' who say they love you,
    but will use you and then throw you away.
    Beware of teenage infatuation.

    Blessings. You have good song writing talent!

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