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  • POEM: Grateful Daughter by rio monica canlas (9/29/2007 6:44:00 AM)

    a heartwarming poem. made me miss my own mother. come to think of it, i haven't written anything about her.

    the poem flows in continuity. the stanzas support one another from beginning to end. nice way of starting the poem from the time the mother wakes up 'to everything' and ending it with the daughter's expression of gratefulness. the poem tries to encompass everything about the mother in six stanzas. although it is not clear why the grateful daughter says she misses being with the mother. perhaps 1-5 stanzas should be written in the past tense? i think the last line could've been written in a better way, something that will give the poem a more dramatic, lingering effect. and the slang 'coz' for 'because' sort of ruins it. still a good work, though. just sharing some feedback, if you don't mind. ps: i liked the line 'you are better than paracetamol'. i think all mothers are. especially 'pilipinang ina.'

  • POEM: I.N.R.I. * by daubmir nadir (4/11/2006 7:30:00 PM)

    'why the pain? ' for mankind's salvation. a God who's willing to die for His beloved people. so that sins will be forgiven. daubmir, your poem is timely for holy week. thanks for making me reflect. take care and bless you. sincerely, merc

  • POEM: I.N.R.I. * by daubmir nadir (4/11/2006 6:19:00 PM)

    excuse me, mr/ms moved private site:

    i was just wondering why you ended up as one of my 'quicklinks' when i didn't even know you or your poems existed at all. please don't think me rude. but i was just surprised. i've never read or commented on any of your poems, so i don't see my connection or link to you.

    i had to check you out. here's what i gathered: your page doesn't have a single poem listed. but you're the number 1 poet. it seems everything about you needs to be explained. however, i leave you to your own devices. let me just inform you that i'm here to share my poetry and i value the friendship i have with the nice people here. if you want to experiment with your computer prowess, i am the wrong person to get involved. but.... i'd accommodate a friendship that has good intentions.

    take care. bless you...


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