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  • POEM: Optometrist by James B. Earley (7/25/2008 12:29:00 AM)

    Jim, I suspect the recipe for this very original poem was 5 cups of Levity and 10 heaping spoonfuls of your amazing wit. A hugely enjoyable read. (Love your tremendous creativity!)

  • POEM: Old Folks' Home by James B. Earley (7/25/2008 12:09:00 AM)

    Wonderful thought provoking poem which aptly describes the morbidity of our future existence at the 'End of the Road.' (Gulp!) Not me though! When I reach the age of Senior Care, with one foot in the grave, I'll be tap-tap dancing with the other foot and gulping down tons of 'Youth Serum' and a bucket full of 'Love Potion #9'. AND if all this fun that I'm having kills me, I won't care. I'll die with a smile on my crinkled and wrinkled old face. Can't wait! : -) tee hee

  • POEM: A Happy Soul by Nicholas Fulmer (2/23/2007 5:01:00 AM)

    Nicholas, I really enjoyed this poem.Of course, I'm swayed by your impeccable
    Rhythm & Rhyme! The words just jumped off my tongue and danced along.
    Excellent! Deanna xx.....(10 for you!)

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