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  • POEM: God Is There by Michelle Pope (11/11/2006 11:27:00 AM)

    This is truth. I am touched by this enduring message of prayer and honesty. Though it is not easy sometimes, I shall try to heed this message and be sincere to my lord and savior, for as you have so eloquetly stated God is There. God Bless.

  • POEM: (600) Quiet Showers & Rebirth (2) Haiku's by Melvina Germain (11/11/2006 11:24:00 AM)

    Fantastic work... I love haiku... You have eloquetly painted these gems with the breath of natures kiss. The rain it seems is that baptizing fall that does cause, from time to time, rebirth. Very though provoking. God bless.

  • POEM: (600) Quiet Showers & Rebirth (2) Haiku's by Melvina Germain (11/11/2006 11:14:00 AM)

    It sure is interesting that you have truly identified the fact that there is a higher you inside a perceive shell. The person within is tortured by the actions of the flesh, the being bound by is addictions and the responsible for your perceived demise. Yet, that voice speaks with such power, and is so consistantly honest, that I can only witness the illumination of that higher self beaming through the wretchedness. You will burn it away if you choose, or you may choose to endure this fate so as to continue writing these and similar warnings to the less inspiried. The truth you know and are able to speak, obviously comes from a place where many cannot identify, yet you are able to paint the pictures of your hell from the inside out. There is a necessity for that, even though it may only be for a time. I do not beleive however, that you are consigned to this state forever, unless by choice. God Bless.

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