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Donall Dempsey
Donall Dempsey Curragh Camp, County Kil.. / Ireland, Male, 61

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  • POEM: (seconds Before) by Dónall Dempsey (9/25/2012 3:56:00 PM)

    This was an old man I used to look after whose daughter was killed as the bomb went off...she was only a teenager and was talking gleefully of what and how she wanted to be when she grew up. She lost an arm and bled to death. His mind was trapped in the forever of it happening and he held on to those last seconds of her being alive. Those seconds were the only seconds he wanted to live over and over again..

  • POEM: 'Donkey Tales' A Haiku Chain. by Res John Burman (8/26/2012 10:28:00 AM)

    Love both the haiku and the photos I've seen...both classic and etched upon my mind.

  • POEM: Drawing You by Dónall Dempsey (2/13/2012 5:44:00 AM)

    This is now a video by the OVERLOOK ACADEMY and can be view on YouTube.

    This was a pleasant surprise...I had not been aware it was going to be used but I like what they have done with it. My partner and I had just got together and as she is an artist she was in the process of painting me. I can't draw or paint so I was getting bored just sitting there until I thought I can draw her with here is the encapsulation of that lovely togetherness. It was originally an haiku but then the seed of that grew into this.

    you paint me
    in oils
    I draw you with words

    Here is the text of the poem


    First, draw
    a smile

    then playing with the lines
    transform them into laughter

    let the laughter escape
    the page

    & fly around the room

    let it alight on
    anything it wishes

    then delicately

    take a pair of
    sparkling eyes

    until they too
    sing with laughter

    sketch just
    the suggestion of

    the passion
    that is promised

    now put down the pen &

    no further with the drawing

    kiss her
    for real

    ...the drawing is complete.

    Dónall Dempsey

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