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  • POEM: Sunday Morning by Wallace Stevens (4/10/2009 10:56:00 PM)

    This unsurpassed atheist's hymn is proof that atheism, like religion, can inspire great art.

  • POEM: Thou Art Indeed Just, Lord, If I Contend by Gerard Manley Hopkins (4/10/2009 10:45:00 PM)

    A deceptively simple but actually very clever poem. It starts with a statement - that God is just - that is quickly revealed as a bit of flattery the rest of the poem disputes. The priest-poet becomes irate as he details God's failures with respect to him, and generosity to all others, who breed riotously, while the forsaken poet cannot 'breed one work that wakes.' The great joke of the poem is that it is itself a 'work that wakes.' It is both a prayer ('Send my roots rain! ') and the answer to the prayer. It purports to dispute God's justice but ends up as proof of that justice. It stands as the refutation of its own thesis (that sinners' ways prosper but disappointment all I endeavor ends) , and ends up giving proof to the insincere flattery of the opening. Brilliant and funny.

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