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Warren Falcon New York, NY / United States, Male, 65
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  • POEM: Image-Nation 9 by Robin Blaser (7/19/2016 2:09:00 PM)

    Blaser continues to be an astonishment (a word he used often to describe his life as a continual encounter with astonishmeint, or, rather, a continual astonishment. I discoverd Blaser late in my own life (but right on time for me) and a year or so after his death. I easily confess that I would have hated Blaser as a young man then not lived enough and educated enough and mused enough to comprehend what he and his compadres Robert Duncan and Jack Spicer (to name 2 of the triumverate that Blaser was a part of) , great poets in their own write...Now, aging, psyche and body like a ravished lover and landscape, I cannot get enough of Blaser. Fortunately there are many recordings of him reading his poems as well as rich rich lectures and workshops given in his erudite, whimsical, charming way...I bow to Blaser and know him as one of my Divine Companions.

  • POET: James Arlington Wright (7/10/2016 3:50:00 PM)

    I am stunned to see James Wright dislilked by readers on this site. Wright was and is one of the master American poets of the mid-twenteth century, and he can still tune and shape the aspiring would be poet's own eye, ear and vision.

    If folks on here confuse cheap rhymes (any fool can rhyme) , pompous language, schmaltz, and pablum-scrolls on love, loss, God, high ideals, the virtues of seeming, then Wright's mastery is not for them. I challenge the dislikers to write, say, a poem about beauty without using the word or its cousins, to convey beauty via images and word music such as that myriad beauty will be. Wright can teach you much, very much.

    Let they who are in despair of the all too-human-world, they who have ears to hear and heart-eyes to see nurture themselves in, with, through, for and by James Wright's quiet poetry evoking beauty/duende in all private human experience, let them remain faithful to that which he and his poems aspire to, the ineffible, the sacrelity of the mundane while enamored of a broken world continually astonished before and after the rain.

  • POEM: On The Christmas Eve by nimal dunuhinga (2/13/2015 2:10:00 PM)

    Very good, Nimal. I hope you and yours are very well in this new year. Warren

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