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Dr.tony Brahmin Dortmund / Germany, Male, 55
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  • POEM: A Black Death by Alistair Graham (6/26/2017 7:41:00 AM)

    self-erected barricades
    the land that bears fruit
    Skin, bloodied and scarred
    Protestant and Catholic
    Poisonous religious gas,
    The fight and killings between the protestants and catholics is a scandal fort he christianity itself. Devil works every where to bring division. Ego rules and spoils. the devils dance a dance of death. Tragic situation….. you hve wonderful painted all these in your wonderful poem. Thank you
    Very much dear poet. tony

  • POEM: Life Is Hard.... by Anubhav Sharma (6/26/2017 7:35:00 AM)

    You know yourself;
    Days may be dark, Nights could be worse,
    Don't get Depressed. Success would be yours; you will win like a fighter.

    i collected all these points from your poem. yes against all odds we have to hope against all hopelessness.
    we are going to win. this is a poem of positive determination. love this poem. tony

  • POEM: Need Of A Friend by Ahatisham Alam (6/26/2017 7:16:00 AM)

    My life is pining for someone
    So I need a friend.

    We all need friends. no man is an island. we cannot live alone. God creates us like that. if you want love first step is to show love, express your love and be courteous and helpful........ thenyou will recieve it. be sure of it. God bless you to get a wonderful loving person in yourlife. thank you for this poem. tony

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