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Renu Kakkar
Renu Kakkar New Delhi / India, Female, 57
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Master of Arts
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11/30/2016 3:59:18 AM

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  • POEM: Will You Be My Valentine? by renu kakkar (11/30/2016 3:52:00 AM)

    Thank you, This poem with words changed is earmarked for a song to hopefully come out in Feb 2017.

  • POEM: A Little Prayer by Robert William Service (11/1/2016 3:43:00 AM)

    Lovely poem. We ask for may things from God and we promptly forget to thank when we achieve our objectives. This poem is a poem of gratitude not only for ordinary things but the great things nature has provided to us.

  • POEM: A Little Prayer by Robert William Service (11/1/2016 3:19:00 AM)

    Lovely poem. We tend to forget God when we achieve little things that we ardently pray for. This poem conveys gratitude for many things ordinary things as well as what nature gives which we take for granted.

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