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Mark Normand Austin, Texas / United States, Male, 50
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  • POEM: Shadows Don'T Lie by Walterrean Salley (12/6/2014 3:24:00 AM)

    We are oblivious of who the world see's when we present ourselves at times if we are not careful. So many times we think we are fooling everyone and truth is we are the only ones who have been fools. We can hide who we truly are from ourselves much easier than we can hide from those who are continually in the presence of our character. If we walk in the light we will cast a shadow and our true selves will be seen by the world. This is a good poem.I find it amazing how many poems you have written. Hope you are doing well. It has been a while since the last time I was on this site. Keep up the good work!

  • POEM: ~ Eclipse by Adeline Foster (8/11/2014 12:00:00 PM)

    Oh....okay I got it. The title answered the question I had. Good poem and I must say You sure have a lot of energy to keep writing. I wish I could say this. My thoughts are blank it seems and I am starting to believe that the same thing that allows us to read each others writing and communicate with people all over the world is at least in part responsible for the dullness that lives in my head. Too much information is more than I can handle perhaps. I have not been able to write any new poems for over a year now. I had forgotten about my writing until one of my poems was listed as member poem of the day.and I received more comments this year than I have received for the last three years since they first listed it as poem of the day. It was a surprise. I wish I had the energy you have and I think it is time to limit my internet use and let my thoughts clear out. It may be that I have become too jaded to write anything worth posting.It's good to see you still writing. I hope you are doing well.Keep up the good work.

  • POEM: Too Much To Drink by Valerie Dohren (3/1/2014 5:01:00 AM)

    You are so right. I think the best thing I have experienced was not having to drink one day. I had tried many times to stop. They all failed and I think I got worse each time. It was after I finally quit trying to stop drinking when the desire and the uncontrollable need to drink just died and one day I woke up at 10: 00 pm one night with money in my pocket and I realized I had forgotten to buy some booze before the store closed. I chose to go back to sleep instead of rushing to to store. This had never happened before. I take a few sips off of a beer like once every few months or so just because a group of people told me I could not do it without drinking all day and ending up drunk the way I was. Those people and those meetings were the reason I was such a bad drunk. All of the conditions they put on our drinking are what gives the booze so much power Every time they said I couldn't drink I got an overwhelming desire to drink. If someone got paid to follow you around all day and night. and tell you you had to drink a certain number of drinks every hour and they handed you the drinks you would rebel and refuse to drink because they wanted you to. If they told you you could not drink instead you would be sneaking around and plotting how to get drunk. I remember all of the days like the ones in your poem. The days of youth. I will take the easy way now though.I used to drink a case and a half of beer by myself and wake up 6 hours later and run three miles and do an hour and a half of working out almost every other day when I was in the navy. I never went on a ship I was in another part of the navy. How did I ever do it? Take it easy

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