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About Me : Cogito ergo sum/...but insanity is comparative, who set the norms? Un intelectual dice una cosa simple de una manera dura. Un artista dice una cosa difícil de una ... more »

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  • POEM: The Death Of Earth by Frank James Ryan Jr (FjR) (4/23/2017 3:36:00 AM)

    Planet Earth gets cancered
    By human avarice
    Set the morphine drip...

    (Hello Frank jay, hope u remember, after almost a year i penned here)

  • POEM: Kashmiri Eyes by B U Afnan (12/18/2016 8:26:00 PM)

    what you've penned is so tragic and tormented, But what I am telling you, ponder it well...
    this is life and we are called Humans, the most brutal and stupid creatures, we will do such things again and again, thus time it has been doing by Indians, next time your neighbors will reply such acts.Politics and Religion in narrow sense cause all this barbarian acts.
    what i mean from long preface, change your thinking style(i know it's hard in present Kashmir) bcaz yiu will bring no good for yourself.Over 100,000 innocent ppl died during the last 30 years but do you see who cares? i am supporting your cause- Freedom- but the rest the world?
    turn your pen and thinking to some Sweet scenes and Develop good potic skill, i advise you two things: Read Read and write,
    hooe for your good safe living.

  • POEM: A Special Solar Eclipse by s.zaynab kamoonpuri (9/5/2016 6:45:00 AM)

    it would be... caz we never assume an solar eclipse besides moon. Any way that was grt description, a scientific one, would be more rejoining if applied poetic tools, you have romanced the scene but in black and white, as i said can be better if you did not write but painted. i like it.

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