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Aneesha Roy's last comments on poems and poets

  • POEM: A Space Odyssey by Valsa George (10/20/2013 5:48:00 AM)

    A cute little nugget of sweet liberation, which is bewitchingly brilliant as long as it lasts. The cathartic odyssey plunging headlong into the realistic climax restores the quotidian ennui of normalcy and ordinariness, underlying subtly how every odyssey has an end and sometimes a rather abrupt one. However that doesn't make the reverie any less fulfilling or relevant and the savour of liberation is not lost. A very good read.

  • POEM: Burn It All Down by Rko Writes (10/20/2013 5:33:00 AM)

    Lovely imagery, made all the more intense through its sheer vividness and force; the darkness of tone and boldness of words make it a very engaging read.

  • POEM: To Reach The Top by Magic Box (10/11/2013 2:18:00 PM)

    The bitter sarcasm and naked honesty in the poem is laudable. Indeed one sometimes has to sell one's soul to the devil to reach the top, but again as they say, once you've reached the top, the view is pretty lonely from up there, especially if one has reached the top through foul means. The poem drives home an important point which is not lost amid the gruesome humour induced by the caustic sarcasm.

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