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Sj Holland
Sj Holland Jacksonville / United States, Female, 62
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Crafter, Writer, Artist
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Some College
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  • POEM: Night After The Rain: A Dedication To Trayvon Martin by Mitchell York (6/2/2017 8:49:00 AM)

    A poignant verse of sadness and hope, focusing on the struggle that our country still has with racial relatedness.

  • POEM: Night After The Rain: A Dedication To Trayvon Martin by Mitchell York (6/3/2016 10:38:00 AM)

    Howard, I love the candidness and deep feeling in this verse. You have spoken of 3 results for most men who are disregarded as special. They die of broken hearts, they take themselves out of this cruel world, and they go postal. Men are very fragile, and your simply-rhymed, poignantly-questioning poem asks when will we notice. When will we care.

    Thanks for reading and commenting on my poem Oh How I Love You. Sorry it took so long to reciprocate. I don't come here often anymore, having exchanged this venue for, and for posting verse at my website. Whenever I get an email that someone has taken time to comment, I love to respond.

  • POEM: Oh, How I Love You by Sandi Holland (6/3/2016 10:29:00 AM)

    Thank you, Howard, for your kind comment. Most of my romance poems have this ethereal softness. Go figure, lol! This one I plan to use in bride/groom/wedding greetings and other products.

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