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Sarah Persson
Sarah Persson Leeds / United Kingdom, Female, 51

About Me : I find the best way to wirte is in honesty at all times, be it just a dream illusion or a state of mind, just about everything that is part of this living world. Each ... more »

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2/12/2016 3:17:13 PM

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  • POEM: Safe Travels by Edmund V. Strolis (6/24/2017 3:48:00 AM)

    Congratulations on poem of the day. The gentle hearted giant that is the elephant. You wonder with admiration and respect. May they all wander freely and safely. Lovely poem.

  • POEM: The Mystic In Me by Edmund V. Strolis (6/20/2017 2:52:00 PM)

    I have the beautiful peace lily in my kitchen. I look at it daily and appreciate the beautiful flower that I see each day. The beauty in beauty is astounding and never ceases to amaze me in so many small but wonderful things we see in our daily lives. Its takes some people the genius of words like you have before they can see and then again perhaps they still dont understand. Understanding is the simplicity that beauty is.... I love this poem Eddie, you are appreciated by the likes of me, as one of the beautiful minds in this world.

  • POEM: Home by Sarah Louise Persson (6/12/2017 11:29:00 AM)

    Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments on my poems Hans

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