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Unnikrishnan E S Puthenchira / India, Male, 60
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Post Graduate in Science (Physics)
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  • POEM: Moonlight by Crystal Pierce (6/26/2017 4:10:00 AM)

    Hi Chryssa,

    Another poem on love, love and LOVE!
    Those who have experienced the magic of love only can understand what moonlight means to lovers; what she murmurs in their ears, ever so softly...ever so passionately...

    The moonlight was our guiding light,
    and it was passion we were trying to fight.

    Loved reading... A mighty 100+ and onto mypoemlist..

  • POEM: Change Will Come by Suzanne Hayasaki (6/25/2017 11:17:00 PM)

    Hi Suzanne,
    As the saying goes, Change is the only thing that never changes.
    To adapt to change, and to adopt changes are very big challenges. But we have done it, all through...

    Very nice one. A little philosophical.. A 10++++

  • POEM: Zindagi Me Kuchh Log Mile... by KAVITA SINGH (6/25/2017 11:12:00 PM)

    Hi Kavita,
    You have made our wait worthwhile by the beautiful ghazal. Loved every word of it. Aak shabdom ko itne hoshiyari se chune hai ki adbhut sa ho jata hain. Exquisite!

    Starts with an ordinary statement, but enough to rouse the interest of the reader:
    Zindagi me kuchh log mile...

    Zindagi me kuchh log mile.
    Kuchh achhe kuchh fareb mile
    Kuchh yaadon ke ajeez mile
    Kuchh dil ke bahut kareeb mile

    I find that it is the same experience everybody has in life. But the statement is extraordinary, because of its poetic beauty.

    Zindagi me kuchh log mile

    Kuchh log anjane mile: : There are many who are close to us, but are still strangers....But, there are people who are strangers who are so close to us, taki woh apne lagte hain....
    Kuchh dost jane pahchane mile;

    And everybody has an experience which could be new to us, we have something to learn from them. There are very few with whom we are able to open our heart..
    Kuchh kisse ansune mile
    Kuchh zindagi ke bikhre panne mile..

    Kuchh khati-mithi baatein mili, How true! Life is like that, ,

    Kuchh soi jaagi raatein mili
    Kuchh naye purane afsane mile
    Kuch log bade diwane mile

    Kuchh apne hoke vi door mile
    Kuchh gair aankhon ke noor mile
    Kuchh bhid me vi khamosi mile
    Kuchh tanhai me sargoshi mile: : : : lovely poetry! !

    The poem, actually it qualifies for a ghazal, is so beautiful and rhythmic. May i request you to please sing it and post on ph in your voice! I would be thank ful if you could...

    Thank you for sharing this lovely ghazal. A 100+++ and onto mypoemlist..


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