You are the Editor (Baby Poems)

She's Not A Baby Anymore

Morning has come and my eyes slightly open to see the ray of sunshine on her precious face
Golden curls abundantly swirling on the pillow
Cheeks rosy red and lips as pretty as a budding flower
Bright blue eyes as crisp as the ocean staring back at me.
Quietly she speaks, Mommy I'm hungry.
I know sweet baby you always are.
So, I smile in my hazy place looking at the sweet smile upon her face.
One big squeeze before my feet hit the floor, one bear hug and then one more.
A burst of laughter lite up the room, not to early, never too soon.
She is perfect perfect as can be
She is my daughter, my love, my cherub sent just for me.
Now the Lord has set her free.

Shannon Pearson
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