You are the Editor (Baby Poems)

To Livy

To Livy
Sometimes I lie awake at night and listen to you sleep
Your innocence right now, my child, is what I yearn to keep
In thirteen weeks you've learned so much, yet have so much to learn
I want to keep you unaware of how much Life can burn
I want to keep you safe and warm and far from Sadness' touch
Your joyful smile each time you wake, it gladdens me so much
It makes me realise that you know you wake to Love, not Fear
I lie awake to hear you sleep, grateful that I'm here
Life isn't always perfect, my tiny gorgeous child
And I will have to let you go, one day, into the wild
Until that time though, darling, Life can be my fight
And Mummy's here, just listening, as you dream through the night.

SarahJane Platt
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