You are the Editor (Baby Poems)

Archie Bobby Johnson

Born: 28th October 2016
10: 27am
7lb 5ozs

The expectation started while the child was in the womb,
And as the final days approached, the tension filled the room,
And when the baby first appeared, you see that wondrous face,
Your feelings hit the stratosphere, and zoom off into space.

The way that your emotions take control and lift your heart,
The world seems so irrelevant, and the mind is ripped apart,
So many things to lift you up, and make you really proud,
You want to stand outside, and shout your joyful words out loud.

That fraught anticipation, has no longer pride of place,
You walk on clouds of happiness and smiles upon your face,
You thank the lord for all this joy, and creating so much love,
Along with the help of nature, and the stars that shine above.

On angels wings he's made his mark, engraved upon our hearts,
We knew this would be wonderful, right from the very start,
And as the days turn into weeks, and months turn into years,
We'll share his every single move, through laughter and through tears.

We'll treasure every second, and we'll try our best to share it,
The love right from the very start, has little to compare it,
And as he grows from child to man, he'll never have a doubt,
He's loved by everybody, and of that there's little doubt

Phil Soar
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