You are the Editor (Christmas Poems)

The Christmas Street

The streets are lit with majesty
As feasts of lights are crowned on homes
Each gilded in their pageantry
With motley stripes or bands of gold

One roof lines, with starlight garments
And windows braid of varied colors
Another home floats in ornaments
With the cutout of a little drummer

Snow-globes on lawns with popcorn snow
Rattle with scenes of quite December
While leaping high row upon row
Are plastic deers with thrashing tempers

The Snowman and the carolers
Are statues made of yuletide pride
Besides the candy canes of regulars
Which stand at ease in peppermint strips

And Santa's smirk on every yard
Overjoyed their out of storage
While nativities glow with kings and bards
Looking over their messiahs image

These wistful scenes on every street
Warm the winter with pomp and zeal
though my feet are worn by the cold concrete
This heart is young to the cavalcade cheer

Kevin Patrick
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