You are the Editor (Christmas Poems)

Be Kind To One Another

It's a season when light
breaks through darkness -
from the rotten darkness
of violence, hatred, madness,
oppression, egoism and greed.

Here's a season when
God sent his Son Beloved
to this world of darkness
which paved the way to service,
love, compassion and forgiveness.

Innate freedom is misused,
rejecting the Creator of Life:
The throne of God is abducted -
human self is declared as God.

And yet ‘tis the season
when the lowly shepherds
are upheld, when angels
sing their tunes of praise
to the Beloved Child.
The mighty thrones built
on the blood of slaves
and oppressed are brought down.

For ‘tis the season
of Light that devours darkness-
A season of eternal light that seeks
to dwell in every human heart
conquering violence and hate.
It is a joyous and blessed season
to be kind to one another
in hope, faith, joy and love.

December 2015

Elizabeth Padillo Olesen
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