You are the Editor (Death Poems)

Blood Dripping

Blood dripping from my fingertips
I stare down at the fresh corpse
I watch as the color slowly fades from her skin

my breath jagged and rough
I swallow down the thick clump inside my throat
I reach down and remove the recently sharpened knife from her abdomen
blood drips down from that too

She was a college student
Twenty or so years old
She was walking back to her dorm
she was a very popular girl
Everyone approved of her
nothing bad had ever happened to her

I couldn't let her get away with that

I dragged her lifeless body to the nearby dumpster
I lifted her and put her inside
right where she belongs

I grab the rag I brought with me
wiped my hands free of her blood
and turned my back

My entire body was numb
the sensation felt wonderful
I felt wonderful
finally, I felt wonderful.

D.M. Sita
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