You are the Editor (Friendship Poems)

I Have Roses For You My Friend

I have roses for you my friend.
May I tie it now with pretty bows.
Golden are the strings
and my fingers tie it with great love
for you my friend.

I love you so much.
You are my friend.
You are the friend of my soul.

You sense my pain.
You caress me
You hug me in innocent love
You are the friend of my mind.

You are in my thoughts
that well up in my brain.
You tickle my brain
and my smile becomes so sweet.

Look! ! !
There are children playing
on the green grass.
They run about like sweet beings
on the hands of pure love.

Look! ! !
Butterflies fly around
and the nightingales sing.

The rainbow sees it from above.
It breaks into a sweet smile
with all its colours
and tells me "you have an innocent soul".

(This was published in Poetfreak under the name of Genovamaaa. Genova was my beloved mother. She died at the young age of 38. I want to keep her name alive as long as I am alive

Dr. Antony Theodore
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