You are the Editor (Girl Poems)

A Strange Girl

To be strange is a good thing
cause you don't follow the fashion
Usually the boys are strange
but this time is a girl to break
the schemes of life
I'm a strange girl because
the environment where I live is too boring
but in the public I'm calm and sad
To be strange is
a positive thing but
the friends don't
The strange is a
big thing cause
is very important
to change the life
and the habitual practices
The strange girl
follows a particularly
fashion because
I'm very pretty
To be a strange
girl I'm hot laziness
cause is a privilege
A strange girl is
more attractive and
more sensitive than
the other girls
A strange girl hold
at the frustrations and
at the persecutions
A strange girl is
honest and she saves
the liberty
the love and
the truth
A strange girl is
a sexy bomb
with many tattoos
A strange girl is
romantic and
She kiss the boys
very well,
she is the best
to the touch and
she believes to
the experience
A strange girl admires
the rock style
A strange girl is
free from
every lead
A strange girl is
an important person
for the world

Laura arwen
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