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Silent Scream From My Own Womb

Silent Scream From My Own Womb
I heard a painful scream from my womb.
It enquired me with trembling voice.
Are you going to abort me, Mom..?
I am just product of your ecstasy, then
Killing me just for social status.
It is just because I am female like you.
Do you separate white flowers from red ?
While offering a bunch of flowers to the God.
Why do you plant a seed of creation ?
When you don't prefer its own fragrance.
I am not just a piece of flesh.
A heart inside me, is beating to listen love of world
And eyes are waiting to see the sun and the moon
You need to listen to me Oh my Mom!
Femininity inside me is integral part of creation.
Why male foetus is preference of your choice?
Better treatment and superior shelter for him
Isn't it discrimination against law of nature ...?
Why do you regard me as a curse
And economic burden of dowry -compulsion.
Why do you cling still with rotten traditional beliefs?
Gender selective abortion, a sinful deed
Indeed, a brutal crime against humanity.
Don't your heart beats for me, oh my Mom!
Why don't you feel me inside you?
You have no right to terminate a breathing life;
In name of rotten socio-culture and religious beliefs.

Monologue enforced by you, oh my own female foetus!
Enlightened me with 'Unconditional Love and Equality '
I want to assure you, oh my baby girl inside me
I will never terminate you from my womb
You are my future, integral part of my own life.
I expect you will be one among leading females
Who will devote their whole lives for human welfare .
Your scream inspired me to raise voice against foeticide
Until I grow old and die; I will continue to protest....

Tulsi Shrestha
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