You are the Editor (Girl Poems)

Halloween Night...At The Cemetery

Twas the night of Halloween
For many a thrillful scream
There was this girl and there was this boy
Who were not so very coy

On this evil witchy see
They met at the Hitchcock Cemetery
He dressed like The Grim Reaper
She like the Devil's Screamer

They vandalized the mausoleum
With their morbid horror museum
Their bottle of courage being Kentucky Whiskey
They drank and drank until they got wickedly crazy

Horror stories lost and then found
Count Dracula sucked their blood 'til they were unsound
The Wolf Man howled at the insane full moon
She kissed him and turned into a loony toon

Her lunacy led to desecrating tombstones
Hell's Bells rang resurrecting skeletal bones
Jack The Ripper raped her and tried to kill the boy
Frankenstein tore The Ripper to shreds like a toy

Dogs from Hades devoured the stone-cold killer
To the music of Michael Jackson's Thriller
Werewolves of London to the sounds of haunting
Now The Walking Dead made this evening daunting

On this gloomy depraved Halloween night
The ghoulish Waling Dead were such a fright
Jason The Psycho terrorized the neighborhood
Freddie on Elm Street was Oh So Not So Good

Twas the black night of Halloween
Boy and girl nowhere to be seen
On Yonge Street a girl is howling at the moon
Kisses a boy and makes him go loony toon

Richard Wlodarski Halloween 2014

Richard Wlodarski
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