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The Vityaz In The Tiger Skin Shota Rustaveli Avtandil Meeting Fatima


The wife of Usen meet the visitor with the bow at the doors.
Her look shone content and seemed favourable.
She lead and seat, as the law is offered,
It was visible: did not shun by that merchant of another tribe.

Being elder on the years, but still beautiful,
The swarthy-face mistress pretended to be young.
To like to her a dancings, otherwise and a feast by the mountain.
A songs, a music, a dresses did not give a rest her.

Having sat at the dinner, the visitor present to her a gifts.
The surprised mistress spoke: 'So he is kind!
Give god that this feast is not for nothing! '
At last Avtandil has admit in a bedchamber.

Opened the goods in the morning, he chose the expensive silks
And sent its to the lord of this sea country.
He return the rest goods to the dealers, reminded again:
'Sell, as want, but about the vityaz - no a words! '

The vityaz demented everybody even in a modest clothes!
That he went to the mistress on a visit, that she go — to him.
Their speeches were beautiful, a meetings - are long rather.
As Vis in Ramin has fallen in love, and Fatima has- in the vityaz.

Yuri Starostin
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